G5 Sahel : une guerre contre les djihadistes

Les chefs d’États de la force régionale du G5 Sahel, réunis dimanche en sommet extraordinaire à Niamey, ont appelé à davantage de coopération mutuelle et internationale pour endiguer le péril djihadiste qui frappe de plus en plus violemment leurs pays.

Sweden: Confronting Reality

One problem is that the Swedish state itself contributes indirectly to the spread of extremism. The Swedish Security Service (Säpo) has found that a “relatively large” number of organizations with links to violent extremism have been using Sweden’s state and municipal grant systems, which Säpo says could “contribute to radicalization and thus growth in extremist environments in Sweden.”

Mossad helps Denmark bust 20 terrorists – report

In July, Mossad Director Yossi Cohen noted that his agency has thwarted a large number of terror attacks, especially on airliners, across the world.

The Mossad was behind successful efforts by Denmark to nab a cell of 20 terrorists planning a wave of attacks, Channel 12 reported Saturday night.
According to the report, Danish security officials arrested the terrorists and seized a variety of weapons.

Refugees or hijackers? Teenagers charged with terrorism in Malta

Someone has broken the law, but was it three teenage migrants, or the boat captain who said he’d been hijacked?

In March this year, a group of more than 100 migrants embarked upon an already deflating raft to cross the Mediterranean Sea from Libya. Their rescue story would later become a landmark case in Malta, a key first port of entry for migrants hoping to reach Europe.