EU: New Pact on Migration and Asylum

The question at the core of the internal EU conflict over migration in Europe is not practical but political: whether the EU should take any migrants at all. On that question, the European Commission and the Central and Eastern European countries could not be further apart.

The proposed system invariably gives rise to multiple questions about the practical viability of the proposed system. Will frontline states become efficient at screening migrants? Will the planned increased border control work? How, exactly, are widespread, years-long people-smuggling and human trafficking by gangs who profit immensely from it, going to be stopped?

Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial vehicles with increased control range

Ukrainian tactical unmanned aerial vehicles Bayraktar TB2 conduct exercises together with artillery and aviation at the Shirokolanski training ground in the vicinity of Mikolaevo, learned citing Defence24. For this purpose, the machines fly almost 500 km from their home air base in Starokostiantyniv, which confirms the information about the modification increasing the control range of these machines.

War Victims Urged to Raise Voices at Kosovo Guerrillas’ Trials

In a pioneering scheme, victims of alleged wartime crimes are being offered the opportunity to play a role in the upcoming trials in The Hague of former Kosovo Liberation Army guerrillas including ex-President Hashim Thaci.

“The voices of the victims are indispensable to justice.”

Klaus Schwab, „părintele” Forumului Economic Mondial, vorbește de cipuri implantabile în creier: “Marea Resetare va duce la contopirea identității noastre fizice, digitale și biologice”. Tehnologia va permite autorităților să „pătrundă în spațiul minții”

Credeți cu cipurile implantabile sunt povești de SF? Ați râs când Părintele Justin Pârvu sau Părintele Ioanichie Bălan avertizau cu înainte-vedere asupra planurilor transhumaniste? Ele au venit. Sunt aici. Pe masa elitelor globaliste. Care acum le fac publice, în mod deschis.

Assassination of Iranian Nuclear Scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh Mahabadi—Assassins’ Motives beyond Iran.

Short analysis by:
Ejaz Hussain,

The assassination of Dr Fakhrizadeh on Friday 27 November is not just ‘another’ incident—it’s causality is greater than it’s aftermath. Having followed closely the roadmap to JCPOA (October 2015), course of negotiations in Switzerland and Austria, and post-JCPOA developments—the compass of my anschauung of this highly planned killing is much wider than the prism of the world media.