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Trapped – Punjab Assembly Bill – For Unity against Unity?

Three decades of sectarianism causing lives of hundreds primarily followers of Shia sects turned Pakistan into a broken state. The Muslim nation with highest degree of potential to lead the entire Islamic Ummah is buried under heavy international debts, never ending political crisis, social instability, slavery of West-Saudi and above all religious discord making Pakistan the nursery for religious terrorism.

This extreme form of massacre under the umbrella of religion never saw a reversion to Muslim unity until last few years. When Takfirist ideology-based terrorism span beyond Shiite and landed into the homes of its own ioneers, the Pakistan army an action plan was seen to eradicate this evil tree. After Peshawar army school attack the army made an intention for cleansing terrorists. Though a good attempt but only addressed to chopping of leaves and stems not addressing its primary root of Takfirist Ideology which was growing stronger every day specifically with Saudi elements visiting Pakistan to keep it warm. The Takfirist Ideology had deep rooted state ponsors and promoters within the system and with heavy influx of funding and moral support from Ale Saud the Takfirist terrorism factor was to be kept alive. The only solution to this terrorism whose basis was sectarianism as to revive the spirit of Islamic Unity across sects. Though certain attempts were made but got politicized whereby unity turned into political alliances contesting elections like Muttahida Majlis e Amal (MMA) and Majlis Wahdat e Muslimeen (MWM). This unity which is power driven would never solve the root cause to eliminate Takfirism from Pakistan. An ideological effort was required where various sects and their leaders whole heartedly ccept that Muslim Unity is not for political purpose but is an Islamic obligation related to faith. Striving for something as precept of faith, religious covenant is totally different from achieving the same goal for olitical objectives.

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Like Bosnia mujahideen, returning ISIS fighters will haunt UK

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace reminded the Commons this week that, despite their territorial defeat, Islamic State remains the greatest terror threat to the United Kingdom by a long way. He added that some 360 members who joined the terrorist group in Iraq and Syria and returned to the UK are deemed ‘low risk.’

Averting an Egyptian Military Intervention in Libya

On 20 July, Egyptian legislators authorised sending combat troops to Libya, where Cairo’s ally Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar is on the defensive. Following Turkey’s intervention on the Tripoli government’s behalf, Egypt’s involvement could escalate the war dramatically. All parties should seek a compromise.