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Western Response

On 25 November, the United States unilaterally blacklisted the Kaniyat militia, freezing its assets and prohibiting Americans from doing business with the militia or its leadership through the Congressional legislation known as the Global Magnitsky Act. The move came in response to alleged human rights violations by the militia and its leader, Mohammed al-Kani, and followed a move by Russia the previous week to block the United Nations Security Council (UNSC)’s Sanctions Committee from imposing sanctions on the group.

Security Forces Kill Man Armed with Suicide Belt in Katyr-Yurt Village, Chechnya, Russia

On 15 December, 32 year-old Kazbek Baidylaev was killed during a police raid in Chechnya, Russia. He had been at large since 2012 when local authorities added him to a federal criminal search list. In 2008, he and his brother Anzor were sentenced to six months in prison as members of an illegal armed group. Since 2016, K. Baidylaev fought in Syria, but returned to Russia in 2020. As local media states, police has already declared Baidylaev killed in October of 2020, in the Sernovodsk region of Chechnya, where police conducted a special operation. Since Kazbek Baidylaev was known to security forces since 2012, it is likely he was at least at one time affiliated with Caucasus Emirate (CE). Some sources claim he was a part of Aslan Byutukayev’s group. Since many of the Caucasus Emirate (CE) supporters went on to form the kernels of Islamic State’s Russian affiliate, Wilayat Kavkaz / Qawqaz, it cannot be truly known where his allegiances lie. This marks the second would-be suicide bomber in four days within Russia. On 11 December, a suicide bomber detonated outside the Federal Security Service (FSB) Headquarters in Uchkeken, Karachayevo-Cherkessiya Region of the North Caucasus. Important to note because Russia has clamped down on acquisitions for possible explosive material by individuals.

Tehreek-e-Taliban Islami Pakistan (TTP) Roadside Bombing Outside Market in Ganj Mandi Area Adjacent to Police Station & Water Filtration Plant in Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan

On 13 December, a roadside bomb was triggered near a busy market, the local police station and the main water filtration plant in the Ganj Mandi area of Rawalpindi. At least 25 people, including three children, were wounded by the impact of the explosion. The following day, three Tehreek-e-Taliban Islami Pakistan (TTP) fighters were found with explosives hiding on Adyala-Kharakan Road along Swan River Rawalpindi and arrested in connection with the incident. Authorities believe that the three also are responsible for four other bombings (January, March, June & December) in Rawalpindi in 2020. Given the vicinity of the bombing it is unclear if the market, police station or water filtration plant was the exact target.
Rawalpindi’s is critical because of its close proximity to Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad. Authorities believe that the three arrested in connection to the incident were also plotting a future bomb attack on Islamabad Stock Exchange. Tehreek-e-Taliban Islami Pakistan (TTP) continuously attempts to create high-profile attacks, just two days ago five TTP fighters were arrested plotting to bomb the People’s House gate of Punjab Civil Secretariat in Lahore. In the beginning of December, a bombing occurred outside a General Store in Pirwadhai area of Rawalpindi.


In August 2020, the United States announced it had seized millions of dollars of worth of cryptocurrency associated with three terrorist groups.

Hamas, Al-Qaeda, and the so-called Islamic State have a history of engaging in cyber-enabled criminal activities.

(Right Wing Extremism) Terrorgram Telegram Network Reacts to Man Posting Swastika Stickers “We Are Everywhere” in Livermore, Alameda County, California, United States

Last week, we reported on the Terrorgram group of Telegram channels consistently engaging in stochastic terrorism.

The term stochastic terrorism is defined as “using language and other forms of communication to incite random acts of violence that are “statistically predictable but individually unpredictable.”

TRAC Incident Report: Islamic State West Africa (ISWA) plant bomb on Chadian military boat, killing 4 and wounding dozens near Ngouboua, Lake Chad

ISWA claim of credit; (bottom) Islamic State claimed in their weekly newspaper al Naba that a military source had given ISWA intelligence on the transport ships used by the Chadian army: the Chadian army uses 3 sizes of ships, the smallest fits 100 soldiers, the medium 150, and the largest 300 soldiers. Adding that the army uses the medium and large sized ships in attacks and emergency situations.

At least four Chadian soldiers were killed and dozens injured when an explosion ripped through their boat near Ngouboua on Lake Chad. According to the Islamic State claim, the boat was transporting Chadian forces escorted by Canadian special forces preparing for an assault on an ISWA encampment near Ngouboua. The bomb was affixed to the bottom of the boat; ISWA militants also fired on the boat with automatic weapons. Materials including weapons and ammunition were also seized from the ruined boat during the operation.

Burkina Faso : des réfugiés maliens retrouvent le camp de Goudoubo grâce à une sécurité renforcée

Au Burkina Faso, de nouvelles mesures de sécurité ont permis à des réfugiés maliens de retourner dans un camp, neuf mois après avoir été forcés d’abandonner le site.

Avec l’aide de l’Agence des Nations Unies pour les réfugiés (HCR), 3.000 réfugiés maliens ont retrouvé le camp de réfugiés de Goudoubo au nord-est du Burkina Faso. Avec une trentaine de convois de bus et de camions, le HCR a ainsi facilité ce mois-ci la relocalisation des réfugiés au camp depuis la ville voisine de Dori.

Des négociations sont possibles avec « certains éléments » des groupes djihadistes au Sahel, selon l’Elysée

La présidence française a précisé qu’un sommet sur la situation régionale se tiendrait en Afrique en février.

Au Sahel, des négociations sont possibles avec des éléments des groupes djihadistes, mais restent exclues avec les directions d’Al-Qaïda et du groupe Etat islamique (EI), a estimé la présidence française, lundi 21 décembre, précisant qu’un sommet sur la situation régionale se tiendrait en Afrique en février.

Will KDP-PKK tensions ever end in reconciliation?

Tensions between the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) once again came to a head when an improvised explosive device (IED) laid by the PKK in the Amedi district of Duhok killed one KDP-affiliated Peshmerga and injured at least one more.