France Insists on Mali’s Return to Civilian Rule

French President Emmanuel Macron, in a September 22 UN General Assembly (UNGA) speech, made continued French military involvement contingent upon Mali’s restoration of civilian rule. He was blunt: “They (the junta) must put Mali on the irreversible path of returning to civilian power and organize rapid elections.” And, “France […] can only remain engaged on this condition.”

Libya’s LNA announces killing of ISIS leader

Ahmed al-Mismari said Abu Moaz al-Iraqi was among nine extremists killed a raid earlier this month but was only identified afterwards.

Eastern Libyan forces said on Wednesday they killed the leader of ISIS in North Africa during a raid in the southern desert city of Sebha earlier this month.

Iran- Turkey Partnership: A New Front in Libya

There is strategic consensus among political elites currently ruling the Islamic Republic of Iran and Turkey states. Despite of few turmoil, both states want to retain cordial relations that can lead towards the support of each other’s national sovereignty and stability.

US Occupation of Syria Is Now Official

The Pentagon regime officials claim this came after a series of incidents between US and Russian troops in the country, who will be operating in northeast Syria on a 90-day deployment.

They say the additional soldiers and vehicles will serve as a “show of presence” to discourage Russia from entering the eastern security zone where US forces and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces operate. It’s more than that.

Ain Issa | As Russian and regime forces’ movements continue in the region, Turkish forces withdraw heavy weapons

Very reliable sources have informed the Syrian Observatory that Turkish forces withdrew their heavy weapons and gears from Kuramuzat village in Ain Issa city in northern Al-Raqqah. The reasons behind this development, which coincides with ongoing movements by Russian and regime forces in Ain Issa, have not been known yet.

East Med Gas Forum turns into regional organisation, in blow to Turkey

Through this step, Egypt becomes a regional energy centre.

The Mediterranean countries allied under the cover of the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum have moved to a more realistic stage after announcing the transformation of this project into a regional organisation that aims to counter Turkish harassment and officially turn Egypt into the natural gas capital of the region.